Friday, August 17, 2012

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

This ice cream is for mint lovers, fresh mint perfection.  Be patient when cooking the custard,  170ºF  is the perfect temperature.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Lemon Raspberry Muffins

The zing of lemon zest, the tartness of a raspberry.  A delectable combination.  I've had an online obsession with food blogs for years.  Thus, just shy of a year ago I decided to step away from the dark side  and literally feed my love of food photography. Yes, for now it's a blog site.  My previous site was, which no longer exists.  You know, cause everyone lives in a dollhouse :)  In the next month  I will be launching a new 'boudnoir' site...........more on that later.

Pizza and Sapporo

I love Sapporo.  I admit it.  I like to cook WHILE drinking Sapporo and then wash the goods down with it later.  Pizza crust is like tofu, you can add anything to it.  Anything.  Pizza crust is the easiest thing to make, I've never bought the grocery store stuff.

Iced Coffee - Say Goodbye to the Mermaid.

It's August, the weather is balmy and amazing and Starbuck's (in my opinion) is overpriced and mediocre most of the time.  Amazing iced coffee is quite simple to make and far superior.  It seems the cold press method  offers the best results.  Use good quality coffee, I love Everyday Gourmet Coffee roasters in the St. Lawrence Market.  I love the Sumatra french roast.  If you're feeling thrifty you can grab great priced coffee from Homesense.  If you're having it ground ask for french press.